Electronic locks

Provide independent and safe access to facilities for your guests and staff, without Wi-Fi, without external power, without a SIM card.

Why is it worth buying electronic locks?

  • Automate guest check-ins and check-outs
  • Automatically generate codes to open the lock
  • Provide individual codes to your team
  • Increase security by missing keys
  • Monitor the managed facility on an ongoing basis
  • Increase the quality of the services provided
  • Save your time and money

What locks does Hospert work with?

What are electronic locks?

An electronic lock is an overlay on an existing door lock that has its own battery power and usually does not require internet access. Installation is extremely simple and takes about an hour. The Hospert system in combination with electronic locks works like an automatic reception desk. Access codes are generated automatically after confirming the reservation and sent via SMS to the indicated telephone number. The codes are unique, they contain information about the date and time, so you can be sure that the same code will never repeat itself. You can also assign temporary or permanent codes to your employees or service providers.


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