Effective, modern and simple system for comprehensive management of profitable short-term rentals

Do you want to work less and earn more?

Automate and simplify the way you run your business


Synchronization with booking services


Integration with electronic locks


Service provider management


Constant communication with guests


Electronic payments


Website integration

What can we offer you?

Discover a wide range of management and marketing tools

Virtual reception

Manage ongoing bookings, create your own price offers, communicate with guests and react promptly to comments.

Channel manager

Collect reservations from all external websites in one place and forget about overbooking.

Task management

Partner with proven service providers and automatically schedule cleaning, laundry and catering services.

Electronic locks

Use the power of electronic locks, increase guest satisfaction and save your time. 

Website builder

Create a functional and effective website for your properties and earn money from direct bookings.

Reports and analyzes

Monitor, analyze collected data and actively react to market changes in order to increase sales.

Invoices and payments

Collect fees thanks to proven payment systems and easily issue invoices to guests.

What do they think about us?

We listen to business practitioners and thanks to them we change for you

So far, I have not used any system, but after using the Hospert solution, I realized how much time I was wasting on things that can be effectively automated.



For a long time I was looking for a solution that would address my needs related to short-term rental. Hospert fully met my expectations and enabled the improvement of processes in my company.



The system is extremely intuitive and easy to use, despite the large amount of functionality. I recommend it with a clear conscience, even if you only have one property for rent.



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