Virtual Reception (PMS)

Manage the reception desk effectively at any place and time and provide guests with the highest level of service

Why is it worth having a Virtual Reception Desk?

  • Control important information on 1 dashboard
  • Manage reservations in a multi-calendar
  • Monitor rental rates
  • Set your own pricing rules
  • Keep in touch with guests
  • Respond to guest comments
  • Track payments and issue invoices

What is Property Management System (PMS)?

PMS, or Property Management System, is a set of IT tools that facilitate the management of main processes related to the day-to-day operations of property managers. Key functions include reception, booking, rate and pricing management, occupancy control and payment processing. All these tasks can be laborious and time consuming when done manually, so the goal of the PMS system is to save time and money for managers and accommodation workers.


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