Task management

Automatically manage the tasks of your own employees or verified providers of cleaning, catering and laundry services.

Why is task management necessary?

  • Cooperate with proven service providers
  • Streamline the work of your own or external team
  • Automatically schedule the tasks of suppliers and employees
  • React flexibly to changing situations
  • Track the current status of your tasks
  • Increase guest satisfaction and meet their expectations

What is task management?

A well-functioning accommodation facility is like a well-oiled machine. The more efficiently each element works, the better it affects the functioning of the whole. Managing cleaning, laundry and catering services requires precise planning, good work organization and communication. The staff member or external service provider must be informed in advance of what, when and how to deliver. The implementation of appropriate tools enables the automation of the most important tasks, their effective planning and finally implementation in a specific place and time.


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